How I’m Adapting My Business to COVID-19

It’s been said in thousands of ways, but this is a CRAZY time. A heartfelt thanks to so many of you who have reached out and asked how my clients and I are doing. It’s true. The wedding industry (along with so many other industries) has been upheaved. I wanted to check in and update you all on how I’m adapting my business to our current economic climate.


FIRST and foremost, all appointments will be handled virtually, either on the phone or video chat. While I’d love to meet with new and current clients face to face, it’s simply not a socially responsible thing to do at this time. To all new clients who book me during this period of isolation and quarantine, I promise the second I get that spicy margs will be on me! And boy could I use a spicy marg right about now.


SECOND, our tumultuous stock market and economic situation does not escape me. I can’t even bring myself to look at my investment accounts this week. That being said, I know most of you come to me for a very all-inclusive package, usually including wedding albums, engagement sessions, boudoir, and beyond. It is 100% okay to book the base package to reserve your date for now. All the bells and whistles can be added later once you feel back on your feet. And you will get back on your feet.


THIRD, I’ve already reached out to my spring clients, but will be getting in touch soon with all 2020 clients to go over any fears, concerns and questions you may have as we move into an uncertain future. We’ll make plans, and backup plans and backup plans to the backup plans. But please, PLEASE, if you have even the smallest fear, I encourage you to email or call me anytime. I’m here for you through thick and thin.


FOURTH, just because we are social distancing, doesn’t mean I can’t help you decorate your walls! I’ve actually come up with a great way to virtually mock up your walls with any wedding prints (framed or unframed) you may like to purchase. If you need help, email me to schedule an appointment. You can give me a virtual tour of your space and any walls you are looking to fill. From there, I’ll ask you to send me a few photos (with specific instructions) and I’ll send creative ideas for what your walls could look like with various sizes and styles of wall art. The great part with this is that for most orders, I can have everything shipped directly to you for a contactless delivery.


FIFTH, I’ve had an idea for a few months now, and I might finally have the time to do it. Many of you have asked if I’d ever do some sort of course to teach you how to learn how to use your DSLR cameras or just to take better pictures in general. This is NOT meant as a workshop for professional photographers. I’m picturing something for the average joe to learn how to take better photos for their travels, business, blog, family, life, whatever. If you are interested in this, please comment here, send me a DM or email me at ashley@artistrieco.com. I promise it will be fun and informational! And what a time to pick up a new corona skill. 😉


That’s it for now. I’m still thinking of more ways to evolve my business during these tough times. If there’s a way I can serve you better, I’d love to hear from you! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Xo


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