And you want this boudoir experience for yourself so you can cherish your body and honor the remarkable woman you are today.

In a light and airy loft spaces and luxury hotels in Chicago, I'll capture all that and more in an effortless, romantic style.

I invite you to explore my boudoir portfolio and contact me for more information about working together.

You envision being photographed in a way that makes you feel beautiful, elegant and feminine...

Over the last decade, I’ve been honored to work with women from all stages of life, using photography as my medium to promote self love and help bring more confident women into this world.

As your boudoir photographer, it’s my mission to create a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll cherish forever, while leaving you feeling like your happiest, most beautiful self.

Through luminous lighting and painterly colors, your boudoir photos will be effortlessly chic, naturally beautiful and understatedly sexy. 

And while it’s certainly okay to gift these photos to a partner, I hope the reason you choose to do this boudoir session is first and foremost for yourself. 

To learn more about working together for your boudoir session in Chicago, please contact me using the form below. I look forward to getting to know you!

Meet Chicago Boudoir Photographer, Ashley Biess

"These photos completely changed the way I feel about my body. I am so grateful to look back at these photos with such love and appreciation for myself."

Boudoir Client, Annie

Boudoir Experience

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Natural Light

Soft, Romantic Poses

Custom Packages

Luminous, natural light has been the cornerstone of my work for more than a decade. 

Your boudoir photos will be captured with a soft, natural light for a fine-art, timeless feel. 

You want your boudoir photos to feel elegant, romantic with a hint of sexy.

I'll guide you through each pose (no modeling experience required!) to capture your natural beauty in a effortlessly feminine way.

Your boudoir photo package will be customized to your exact needs.

Enjoy an all-inclusive experience that includes on-site hair and makeup services, a natural light-filled Chicago loft location, and a beautifully bound boudoir album. 

Interested in working together for your boudoir session?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boudoir session?

A boudoir session is a photography experience for any woman who wishes to celebrate her body, self and sexuality. 

Modern boudoir sessions promote self love, body positivity and female empowerment. 

Where do your boudoir sessions take place?

My boudoir appointments typically take place in beautifully natural lit lofts and luxury hotels throughout the city of Chicago and nearby suburbs.

Your boudoir shoot location can be tailored to your vision and preferred style.

I am available for travel upon request.

Who do you work with?

I work with women all of ages, races and backgrounds. 

Because I'm also a wedding photographer, I do specialize in bridal boudoir, but please know that you don't have to be getting married or in a relationship to do a boudoir session. The best reason is always to do it for yourself!

There are so many good reasons to do a boudoir session, but a few reasons that are the most popular these days... maternity, postpartum, birthdays, fitness and health goals, bridal, anniversaries, and simply just because you want to.

"For me, it was a gift that allowed me to make space for myself during the season of life I was in.

This shoot led me back home to honor and love myself again."

Why have you decided to do a boudoir session?

How did you hear about me?

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Boudoir Contact Form

Thank you for your message. I typically respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, Mondays through Thursdays.
I look forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your vision for your boudoir photos.

In the meantime, you can read my FAQ and learn more about working together here.

Thank you for your inquiry!

"Ashley knows exactly how to capture her clients perfectly and with such ease."

Joanna B Artistry

View this romantic bridal boudoir session taken at a vintage Parisian inspired loft in Chicago.

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Your boudoir photos are begging to be printed...

And I'll help you transform them into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. From beautifully bound albums to chic framed prints, your photos deserve to live forever in print.

"Ashley creates a fun, memorable, joyful boudoir experience and art that I'll treasure for years to come.

I'm going to do this every ten years!"

Elegant, Luminous Boudoir Portraits

Known for my use of natural light, graceful poses and calming presence, my boudoir photography has quickly become one of my most top-rated services.

I invite you to view my boudoir portfolio and to contact me if you'd like more information. 

"Seeing photos of myself and also those from your previous boudoir sessions give a reminder of how beautiful women are when they are confident and happy in their bodies."

Contact Artistrie Co.

Artistrie Co. is a Chicago boudoir and wedding photography studio owned by photographer, Ashley Biess.

I respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, Monday through Thursday.

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