Kind Words
From Boudoir Clients

When it comes to your boudoir session, you want to feel comfortable with your photographer. While the finished photos themselves are important, the experience of working together is equally so.

As you decide if I'd be a good fit for your boudoir photos, please view my portfolio and read my testimonials. I look forward to speaking with you and hearing more about your vision!

Felt like a Goddess

"I originally booked the shoot because our second wedding anniversary was coming up and I wanted to give a traditional "cotton" gift! But then as the shoot went on, and especially when I received the photos, I realized that these photos are living proof of the way I was feeling at the time.

I had just had my first baby and I started to see my body in a whole new light. Pre-baby, I surely would have looked at the photos and found things that made me self-conscious. But postpartum, I look at the photos and feel like a goddess whose body has super-powers! I grew a human life and then nursed for 15 months!

Women's bodies are amazing and we should celebrate that more! Every stretch mark or imperfection is worth it and now, I wear them all like a badge of honor. I'm grateful to have these photos to look back on and remind myself of that feeling!

I look at the photos and feel strong and beautiful. Thank you for doing this. It's so important for women to feel these things about themselves!"

Empowering & Fun

"On a 1-10 scale, I would rate a 10. It was really great working with you, Ashley! I would highly recommend to any friends who ask me to try a boudoir session. 

I totally did not know what to expect in this environment as it is very much out of my usual comfort zone, but I felt extremely comfortable nearly immediately. You gave great direction in recommending poses, but I also still felt like myself in almost all of the photos. 

It was not only a great gift for my fiance before our wedding day, but also something that I found empowering (and fun) for myself. Seeing how much my husband appreciated it was also a special moment - it was my favorite part of the process. 

These photographs are such a special way to capture the details of who I am at this moment in my life for myself and my husband. Seeing photos of myself and also those from your previous sessions give a reminder of how beautiful women are when they are confident and happy in their bodies."

Self Love & Appreciation

"Self love is about accepting and understanding my own personal journey with my body and mind - and that even now, that journey is just beginning. Some days, I feel like a goddess and a total babe. Some days, I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. But no matter what, my body is the one thing that is mine, and mine alone. It is mine to protect, to love, to cherish, to nourish, and to respect. 

These photos completely changed the way I feel about myself. I am so grateful to look back at these photos with such love and appreciation for myself."

Pampered & Beautiful

"I absolutely loved doing a boudoir session with you! I felt comfortable, pampered and beautiful.

I booked the shoot when I was 5 or 6 months postpartum. For me, it was a gift to myself that allowed me to make space for myself during the season of life I was in. I struggled a lot with postpartum depression and anxiety and doing this shoot led me back home to honor and love myself again.

You helped me feel amazing and get my after baby "mojo" back!"

A Joyful Experience

"You are professional start to finish - from the makeup and hair gal you contracted to our post shoot meeting, every step of the way your service was top tier. I received my prints promptly and they look just as beautiful as promised! You create a fun, memorable, joyful experience and art that I'll treasure for years to come. I'm going to do this every ten years!"

Confident & Sexy

"Even though I did this for my husband, I think I was the real winner. It was such an empowering experience to see myself like that. 

These photos make me feel confident and sexy! While I'm typically a confident person, I'm not one to show much skin and my style is conservative. It was so fun to see myself shine in these pictures and discover a new level of confidence."

A Unique Experience

"I was worried that I would be awkward and the photographer would feel frustrated with any hesitations I had. You were quite the opposite of what I feared! I felt eased by the fact that we laughed about how this is such a unique experience and to not take it too seriously - just have fun. You were wonderful and made me feel so comfortable!"

A New Chapter in My life

“As much as the boudoir session was a gift for my husband, it was also a keepsake for me -- a celebration of me in a new chapter of my life. Newly married, no kids, 30! Who knows what the next 10, 20, or 30 years will bring, but I'll be able to look back on this and remember how I looked, felt, and thought during this time. I think it's something every woman should do for herself, no matter what stage she's at in her life.

As for you, Ashley, it was incredible to work with you! Your sense of humor and professionalism instantly put me at ease. In preparation for the session, I had no idea what to wear or which accessories to bring. You offered great advice on selection and styling, and you made yourself easily accessible for questions. Post-session, you sent fun teasers, delivered lightning-fast turnaround with the full gallery, offered your expertise in helping me select images for the final album, and, if that wasn't enough, you hand-delivered the final product. You can't beat that type of service!"


"I could not have asked for a better experience, I felt very confident and I love the way the photos turned out!"

Felt like a Boss

"The boudoir session went above and beyond my expectations.

It definitely made me feel empowered and confident. You also made me feel very comfortable about my outfits and made sure I was okay throughout the whole shoot. Looking at how amazing the photos turned out was an ego boost as well. 

These photos make me feel like a boss. Even though I initially wanted to do a shoot for my anniversary, I want to print out all the photos for myself."

Feminine & Strong

"I decided to try a boudoir photo shoot as a surprise gift for my husband on our wedding day. I had been working really hard to get my body in shape and healthy and it would be a great way to show off my accomplishments and my new body confidence I had been lacking for so long.

When I arrived to the location the makeup artist and photographer were there to greet me and were very warm and welcoming. First I got my hair and makeup done beautifully, so I already felt more confident in myself, then Ashley and I went through the pieces I had brought to wear and decided which would work best. 

Then was the scary part, putting on the lingerie and awkwardly walking out into a big open space, trying to keep myself cool and as confident as I could. But then that's when the magic of Ashley's talent comes into play. She starts off easy, plays some music to make the moment comfortable and playful, places you into positions you wouldn't think to pose yourself, and then just talks to you while she captures YOU in all your beauty.

After a while, I forgot about what I was wearing or not wearing and just went for it, because why the hell not? I realize now that this was just as much for me and my confidence as it was to impress my husband. He ended up loving the gift, but his favorites were not the images I would call the most sexy. He loved when I was laughing and walking around because it shows off the real me. I probably look at the images more than he does to be honest, because it gives me such a confidence boost, and I love how my soft feminine side was captured along with my strong and confident side. I am proud of myself for being vulnerable and if you have the opportunity to try this, you should go for it. No regrets!"

Ready to Book?

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