Five Fabulous Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to start planning those Chicago engagement photo sessions! I love planning these sessions with you guys and wanted to share a few of my favorite spots around the city with you. I hope this helps give you some ideas! If one of your favorite spots isn’t on here, leave a comment and share. I’m always looking for new and exciting locations around Chicago.

5 Favorite Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park features and endless list of Chicago gems: The world’s fair Museum of Science and Industry, the ivy covered walls and gothic architecture at University of Chicago, gardens and greenery of Jackson Park and stunning skyline views from Promontory Point. This area is without a doubt one of my favorite spots in the entire city. You won’t be disappointed.


2. Downtown Gardens

One of the best parts of living in Chicago is taking advantage of all the public gardens and parks. Downtown specifically is covered with beautiful gardens up and down Michigan Avenue. While there are many more I’d like to explore, Lurie Garden nestled in Millennium Park and the gardens belong to the Art Institute have got to be two of my favorites.

3. Montrose Harbor

Montrose Harbor will always have a special place inside of my heart. It’s a quiet retreat from the rest of the city. The beaches are quiet and prairie grace are quiet and the views of the skyline can’t be beat. This is a perfect spot for a nature lover whose heart belongs along the lakefront.

4. Olive Park

Olive Park offers some of the best Chicago skyline views in the city which makes it an easy favorite.

5. West Loop

Well, you know what they say: the West Loop is the best loop, and I agree. Luckily, my clients seem to adore the West Loop as much as I do. From the perfect bistro lit alleyways, eclectic restaurants, industrial exteriors and beautiful bridges, there’s a whole lot of charm here. There’s definitely a lot to love for any Chicago engagement session.

Clients, if you are ready to start planning your engagement session, contact me and we’ll chat through more ideas! These locations are a great place to start, but Chicago has so much more to offer. Can’t wait to work with all of you this year!


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