New Website, who dis?

Happy Friday you guys! As I’m sure you can already tell, things look a little bit different around here. To say I’m excited about my new website would be an understatement. I took questions earlier this week on Instagram about the design process so I thought I’d share a small bit here.

First, I designed this website in a record FIVE days thanks to the gods of Showit. When it comes to web design, I’ve used just about everything under the sun. I’ve never designed a website so easily and so beautifully as the version you see today. That’s all thanks to Showit. If you are in need of a fresh new website, I highly recommend giving their 14 day free trial a go.

I feel like I’ve had this vision inside my head for the last year and I’m happy to be sharing it with you. Here are a few highlights and favorite pieces.

If you visit the Portfolio, you’ll see that it’s broken down into 4 sections: Weddings, Engagements, Boudoir and Heirlooms. While most of my clients will eventually hire me for all 4 of these things, some people do just come to me for engagement or boudoir sessions only, so I wanted to make it really easy for you.

One of my favorite parts about the whole website is my newly dedicated HEIRLOOM portfolio. This will constantly be updated and added to as new client projects become printed. I tried to make it completely obvious that the printing portion of my business is my favorite and I’m hoping it will attract clients who are just as excited about albums and cool prints as I am.

Well you’ve obviously already seen the blog otherwise how did you get here? I’m still tinkering with the blog a bit, but am really digging the layout. I have SO many new blog posts coming so for sure come back here soon!

What do you think!? I answered a lot of questions about web design this week on Instagram, but if you guys have more questions, post a comment below or drop me a line at ashley@artistrieco.com. I’d love to hear from ya!

PS: There is a secret page tailor made JUST for new and inquiring Artistrie Clients. Watch out for it. 😉


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