10 Fun Facts About Artistrie

1) We LOVE to travel. While we are based in Chicago, our passports are ready to take us anywhere. PS – We especially love the desert and are currently waiving travel fees for any US wedding that is the epitome of the desert, mountains and sunshine.

2) Artistrie clients are the sweetest! No seriously, they are. I must have won the client lottery because I have loved every single client I’ve worked with over these last 7 years. Unexpected gifts of wine, cupcakes, Anthropologie gift cards, and handmade Artistrie swag are a pretty regular occurrence around the office.

3) We are borderline obsessed with peonies and succulents. Because, pretty.

4) We are big believers that photos are meant to be printed! Lucky for us, our clients share that same belief. For our 2016 season, 90% of our clients have already purchased a wedding album. Hurray!

5) While we love portraits and details, our favorite photos are from the moments you don’t even know we are watching. This photo by Aimee of Jamie and Mike recessing from their ceremony still blows me away.

6) If you have a cupcake table or s’mores bar at your reception, you can likely count on us to polish off a few sweets before we head out for the night. We might have an addiction to sugar.

7) To say we arrive to your wedding “prepared”, is an understatement. “Ashley even came prepared on our wedding day with bug spray, which on a hot muggy, July day, became immediately necessary to fend off a million mosquitoes during our pictures!  She was happy to share with the entire wedding party and saved us all from bug bites so that Evan and I could have our beautiful, outdoor, Arboretum photos.” -Ibby & Evan

8) Nothing makes our hearts go pitter patter more than the perfectly golden sunset. We WILL try to steal you away for a few romantic photos in the beautiful evening glow. And we promise, it will be worth it!

9) We have worked with some amazing talent over the years! A shout out to: La Belle Fleur Events, Life in Bloom, North Shore Weddings & Events, A Stem Above, LOLA Event Productions, WED San Diego, CampbelliciousImoni Events, Carte Blanche Design, Joanna B Artistry, Debra Petrielli, and many more. It’s always an honor!

10) It’s a fairly regular occurrence to see brides and grooms of Artistrie Co.’s past, present and future at each of our weddings. We love running into familiar faces!


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