Your Flawless Getting Ready Photos

Flawless Getting Ready Photos

At Artistrie, one of our very favorite parts of the day happens when the bride and groom are getting ready to see each other. We love watching the bridesmaids laugh over mimosas, the men cheersing over whiskey, and the bride and groom getting dressed in anticipation of seeing one another. There’s so much excitement and joy in the air, and we love capturing every special moment.

If you want to make sure your getting ready photos are picture perfect, here are the three important pieces of advice to consider:

Have a Clean Room

When it comes to your getting ready photos, having a clean room and backdrop will make all the difference. These photos are usually the first to appear in your wedding album, so it’s great idea to make them look as beautiful as the celebration you’ve been planning. I’ve been known to tidy up hotel rooms and rearrange furniture to make sure every photo of the bride and groom getting dressed is flawless. That being said, it certainly helps to ask your wedding party to do their best to keep their personals organized and maintain a clean space.

Stand by Natural Light

If you like the work we do at Artistrie, you probably enjoy our use of natural light in pictures. We like to keep this lighting as consistent as possible throughout the day. In my opinion, natural light is the best light, and most flattering option for your getting ready photos. Before my bride and groom begin to get dressed for the ceremony, I ask them to stand wherever the natural light is best in the room. This is usually by the windows. We will open up any curtains to bring as much of that natural light into the room as possible. The window light will create a beautiful and glamorous glow in your pictures.

Take Your Time

Just about every wedding planner will recommend that you cushion an hour of time between the end of the last makeup or hair appointment and when the bride wants to get into her dress, and I couldn’t agree more. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, with every little detail perfectly in place. The last thing you want is to feel rushed before your first look or ceremony. Remember to add some extra time to hug your mom, read that handwritten note from your fiance, laugh with your besties and soak in all of the love and excitement for the day. Your pictures will show all that and more!


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