Why My Clients Hire Me

It’s that time of year when I’m in full on booking mode for the upcoming wedding season. It’s always exciting to meet with the people I’ll be working closely with in the upcoming year!

The most common question I receive from new clients is “What makes you different from other wedding photographers?” I’ve always had my own answer to this question, but I started wondering what my clients would say. Earlier this month, I posted to Instagram and asked my clients why they ultimately decided to hire me. Their responses truly blew me away!

I’m sharing them here. Every single one. Thank you again to every Artistrie client who shared their words! To any newly engaged couples considering working together, I hope these responses will help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

Why My Clients Hire Me:

“You made us feel very comfortable and like ourselves, from the first photo to the last. Your work is beautiful and I now understand it’s in part how you make your couples feel!” — Chrissie & Greg

“Because your passion just eeks from your soul and you are just as excited for our special day.” — Ashley & Steve

“The quality of your photos and ultimately the finished product of all the photos, albums and prints is unlike any other photographers I’ve seen.” — Catelyn & Bryan

“Your organization, calm demeanor, and ability to capture a feeling vs. an image.” — Liz and John

“The individual attention and care you give your clients! And the fabulous pics – esp candids!” — Nora & Dan

“I couldn’t describe what I was actually looking for in a photographer until I saw your portfolio.” — Lindsay & Tyler

“We knew you were so on top of photos that we didn’t have to worry about anything!!”  — Jamie & Ray

“You capture those unique shots so effortlessly and made us feel comfortable the entire time” — Lily & Jorge

“You put me at ease during the whole process and were SO HELPFUL with any questions” — Kelly & Ryan

“Also your Plans A, B, and C for our wedding day weather made this type A bride relax. The sheer fact that you entertained my neurosis was everything. You are the bride whisperer.” — Lindsay

“You made the experience light and easy. The photos feel personal and genuine” — Sam & Bobby

“So easy to work with and the photos truly speak for themselves!” — Mary Leigh and Rob

“So talented and made us feel so comfortable from the very beginning!” — Cass & Colin 

“Your work stands for itself, but you genuinely wanted to get to know us.” — Nina & Aubrey

“Beautiful photos and the ability to make us feel extremely comfortable!” — Madeline & Alex

“You were prepared, professional, and could take the lead while still being flexible.” — Kristine & Topher

“No brainer! You make the entire process start to finish incredibly easy and fun. And of course the most beautiful results!” — Stephanie & Alex

“Incredible style, timeless taste, impeccable quality and generous, warm spirit” — Annie & Ryan

“Timeless photos, focus on albums/frames, easy and fun to work with.” — Claire and Adam

“Love your light and airy style of photos, easy to communicate/plan with, thoughtful and creative.” — Jackie & Steve

“Your ability to capture photos that are not only beautiful but have emotion in them.” — Allison

“Your work speaks for itself! Your passion and excitement made us excited and relaxed.” — Caitlin and Nate

“You have an ability to put all those in front of the camera at ease. Capturing love and joy.” — Allie & Andy

“You turned our memories into images we can look back at forever! We love you!” — Sara & Mike

“Loved your creativity and honesty. Plus, your timeliness and results are amazing!” — Alexis and Joe

“We wanted a relaxed, stress-free day with a fun vibe and the BEST photos to remember it!” — Katrina & Micah

“You are actually a really fun person to spend the entire day with! It feels like you’re hanging out with a friend. Oh and your beautiful candid photos are simply the best!” — Jorie & Chris

“Your effortless ability to make us feel so comfortable in an unnatural situation.” — Matt & Arielle

“Because you just KNOW! You know where to be and how to capture it all perfectly.” — Erin & Matt

“You helped to keep planning and our day fun and “us” instead of stressful. Also, incredible photos.” — Nicole & Paul

“I knew how incredible your work is. The day goes so fast and now we can enjoy forever.” — Martha and Stephen

“Amy and I love your photos and your warm demeanor. You are both professional and talented!” — Andy & Amy

“Your ability to make the most awkward feel free and beautiful. The end result is spectacular!” — Catie & Jon

“You made every appointment so fun and made everything so easy!! So talented! Have shared your name!” — Amanda & Pat


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