A Boudoir Gift of Self Love

When I arrived at DL Loft, I was a bundle of nerves, so Ashley suggested that I pop some champagne, get my playlist going (I had enlisted my maid of honor to make a getting ready playlist for my wedding day and it worked perfectly for the boudoir shoot too!) and show her my outfit choices. We went through each of them together, making final decisions and adjustments and deciding on which order to shoot them in.  She suggested starting with the outfit I felt most comfortable in, so we began with a black satin robe and a killer bra and underwear underneath that I knew I felt and looked great in.

Chicago boudoir photo


Despite having no idea what I was doing, how to pose, or what was happening, Ashley coached me through the photo shoot and instantly made me instantly feel at ease.  One thing I appreciated so much was Ashley’s suggested placement for my hands in each shot, which created beautifully directed, natural looking, and glamorous shots).  I also loved how Ashley would give feedback on certain poses, tell me just when she was getting the perfect shot, and encouraged me to have fun and let loose. That Friday morning of playing hooky from work turned into such a memorable day that I will never forget – it may have well been a gift to myself – who doesn’t love playing dress up and having someone bring out the best in you, inside and out?  I walked out of the shoot confident and excited to see my fiancées reaction the day of our wedding.

Chicago boudoir photo

And apparently it worked like a charm, because the morning of our wedding when my fiancée opened the book we created for him (just moments before our first look) all he could manage to say during our first look was ‘oh my god….oh my god!’  It was one heck of a way to calm any wedding morning jitters!! Ashley and I are already talking about using the photos to make another Valentine’s Day/birthday gift for my now husband!

Chicago boudoir photo


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