Self Love and Boudoir

Doing a boudoir session takes guts, but it can be such a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all of the things you love about yourself. Choosing to do a boudoir session is choosing to give yourself a big dose of self love and confidence. Today, A, is sharing what self love means to her and her words are inspiring. Enjoy!

What do you love about yourself?

A: The thing I love the most about myself is my heart. I have worked hard to find beauty from the inside out — to love openly, accept freely, and care deeply. I do my best to shine light wherever I go and while I am far from perfect, I love that everything I do in life is driven by the desire to make others feel loved and understood.

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What makes you feel beautiful?

A: There are two things that make me feel my most beautiful:

One is when my husband looks at me. There has never been any person on this planet that looks at me the way he does and it makes me feel so perfectly beautiful and adored. Whether we are lounging at home in my pjs or dressed up for a night on the town, one look from Ryan and I feel like the most beautiful person earth – and that look tells me that that’s exactly what he thinks of me.

The other is when I am being active. I feel so stunningly beautiful when I feel strong and when I am pushing the boundaries of what I thought myself capable. That has nothing to do with clothes or makeup or hair but everything to do with a complete appreciation for how my body moves, what it can lift, what it can sustain and what it is capable of.

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What does self love mean to you?

A: Self-love is about accepting and understanding my own personal journey with my body and mind – and that even now, that journey is just beginning. Throughout my life, my body will change. I’ll get wrinkles and dimples. I will perhaps carry a child. Or maybe I will finally run that marathon or summit a mountain. Some days, I will feel like a goddess and a total babe. Some days, I will feel uncomfortable in my own skin. But no matter what, my body is the one thing that is mine, and mine alone. It is mine to protect, to love, to cherish, to nourish, and to respect. Self-love means that I need to walk that journey towards appreciation and acceptance of what my body is and what it does for me with patience and empathy. It is about understanding that my body is perfectly imperfect and that no matter what society or other people or even my husband thinks, only I get to dictate how I feel about myself.

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