How to Style a Boho Boudoir Session

Do you have a Boho Chic soul? Same, girl. SAME. Bring that style into your boudoir session. Here are a few favorite Boho elements to think about when planning your boudoir wardrobe.


Flowers in Your Hair

In my opinion, there’s nothing that screams boho more than loose, organic flowers in your hair. You can go big with a full floral crown or keep it simple with a floral hair comb. Either way, the fresh flowers will add an earthy, romantic element to your photos.


Flowy & Fitted

I’m all about the flowy attire. Not everything in boudoir has to be skin tight. I love how the boho style mixes fitted and flowy pieces together. For a boudoir session, this might look like a fitted bodysuit or bralette and high waisted undies paired with a long flowy robe. More on long flowy robes below.


Outdoor, Natural Setting

If it’s the right time of year, why not head outdoors? Think somewhere secluded: a wide open field in the middle of nowhere, a forested path, the beach.


Long, Maxi Robe

A long, flowy, lacey robe is a Boho chic boudoir essential. The texture and movement of it can create some truly breathtaking photos.

Barefoot & Beautiful

No pumps or high heels needed for a boho style. Bare feet is all you need.



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