How to Put Your Best Face Forward for a Boudoir Session

Today, I have a treat for you guys! Joanna B Artistry is here with tips on how to make sure your skin looks and feels AMAZING for your boudoir photos.

Having your makeup done for your boudoir session is essential.  A professional makeup artist will help you look camera ready and make you feel amazing! But if you aren’t taking care of your skin…girl, we have a lot to cover!

Following a skin care regimen will help you be sure skin is going to look the best it can be. There are about a million and one skin care regimens you can start following, but I always recommend following something you know will have the time and patience to keep up with.


Skin prep occurs day and night, so be sure you are using appropriate “day time” and “night time” products to assist with skin recovery which happens at night and skin protection for the day time. When looking to add new products to your routine, you will need to assess your skin type; dry or oily. Anyone over the age of 25 will start falling into the dry category or combination if you are lucky 😉 Below is a basic regimen for day and night. If you are looking for further professional assistance, I always recommend seeing an esthetician that offers organic facials. Even just a basic facial and assessment of your skin with give you a little extra glow and confidence for your special day in front of the camera.


Day time skin care regimen:

  1. Cleanse – I tend to skip this step if my skin was prepped well the night before and I didn’t get too sweaty in my sleep =)
  2. Tone – a toner will rebalance the ph level in your skin to be sure there isn’t any build up of product, oil or dead skin cells
  3. Any serum of your choice! – I personally like to use a vitamin C during the day which brightens your skin and helps boost the ability for it to build collagen
  4. Moisturize
  5. Sunscreen – I use a bb cream or foundation that has an sph built in. But if you need extra protection apply your sunscreen prior to makeup application. There are also so many sun screen alternatives these days! My favorite is the Supergoop! sunscreen setting spray!


Night time skin care regimen:

  1. Remove makeup – this is always your #1 step at night, if you are going to skip everything else please be sure to remove your makeup!
  2. Cleanse – if you want a gentle cleanser try something oil based, these also help remove your makeup as well so could be a 2in1 step for you 😉
  3. Tone
  4. Serum – I like to use a few serums at night. I use a Retionl to help rebuild your skin cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I also like to use a hyaluronic acid serum which provides hydration and helps your skin absorb everything else you are applying to it.
  5. Moisturize


Most importantly, make sure you are always drinking plenty of water. And getting a decent amount of sleep everyday. =)



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