Home Sweet Home

Personal touches and details are what turn a house into a home. That’s why I love working with you guys after the wedding to do just that! Dominique and Alan moved into their Northwest Suburban home earlier this year and I was thrilled to create a collection of custom wall art from their favorite wedding and engagement photos. My favorite piece ended up being this vintage gold framed wedding print that matched their style to a t. The gold frame added a little sparkle to the room, and the greenery from the Chicago Botanic Garden setting fit in perfectly with their green velvet sofas and chairs. BTW – I’m obsessed with their home! Keep scrolling for more wall art love and sneak peeks of their album.

The above print just makes me happy. Plain and simple. It’s one of my favorite photos from their day, and now Dominique and Alan get to wake up to it every morning. 

Love me some gold!

This little 20×10 collage print fit perfectly into a hallway nook. Love the hint of personalization and including some family photos. 

Another bedroom print! This is 1 out of 3 that we did in their bedroom. The last one will be coming at a later date. Because Dominique and Alan’s house has such a light and airy feel, we wanted to maintain that with the wall art. We did several white on white frames and mats, and was just what their space needed. Don’t be afraid of white frames! They have a soft, chic feel. 

For their office, we did a weathered white frame, white matting and this beautiful black and white sparkler photo from their reception. 

Check back for updates! We have one more framed print coming soon which may be my ultimate favorite. Also worth mentioning: the Suede Ivory cover of their album! I’m OBSESSED. Super chic and timeless.

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