10 Outfit Ideas for Your Boudoir Session

The number one question I receive about doing a boudoir session is “What do I wear?”.
Well, wonder no more! I’ve put together my top 10 wardrobe ideas for your boudoir session and at the end I’m sharing my favorite lingerie brands and places to shop. I update my Boudoir Wardrobe Inspiration Pinterest Board periodically, so please visit there too for ideas!


This is the most common and typical for a boudoir session. This can include a simple bra/underwear sets, bodysuits/teddies, corsets and bustiers. I generally recommend against things like “babydolls” because they tend to flare away from the body (making people look wider than they actually are through their midsections). As for undies – high waisted anything always looks amazing and great for all body types!


I *love* bodysuits for boudoir. They are universally flattering on all body types. So many of my clients chose to wear them and there’s good reason for that.
Woman wears a black blazer for her boudoir session.

Fitted Blazer/Leather Jacket

This could be something you already have in your closet. A simple woman’s blazer paired with a pair of panties can be a fun, edgy look.

Crisp White Oversized Sleep Shirt

Another favorite of mine! I *love* when people do this! You can wear a lingerie set underneath or just the underwear. When it comes to fabric, I’d suggest something that’s very lightweight and more on the sheer side so that the light can pour through it. Sometimes people use men’s shirts for this, but I find that they are often too rigid. A men’s shirt can still work though if it’s soft enough. A “sleep shirt” idea tends to let more light through which looks really light and airy. You’ll see samples of this in my Pinterest board.

Oversized Sweater

If you want a more cozy, conservative look, a simple lingerie set with an oversized sweater draping over your shoulder can be a beautiful look.

Ballet Skirts

There’s a photographer I admire who uses these a lot for boudoir and they always look so glamorous and romantic. The idea of the skirt is something sheer (ideally in black, white or a nude tone) that has a lot of movement to it. With the skirt, you could wear a lingerie set or go topless depending on your comfort level.


Silky or lacy robes can add a fun texture/accessory to any outfit plus they add some movement.


I tend to prefer a barefoot look for most shots, but if you have a pair of heels that you love, you are welcome to bring these along and we can add them in here and there.


Not an obvious boudoir go-to, but jeans can actually be really fun! We can do some with just jeans and a bra, jeans and topless… taking the jeans on and off for some cute candids, etc. Lots of options here.
Bridal boudoir photo session with a wedding veil.

Wedding Veil

If you are doing a bridal boudoir session, a veil offers a romantic look and can be *so* much fun for these. I usually recommend asking a friend to borrow a used one vs using your own (to keep your veil in good shape before the wedding day). The cathedral length veils are the best.
My Favorite Lingerie Brands
After people ask me what to wear, the next question usually is about where to shop. There are many options out there, but I’m listing a few of my absolute favorites below.
Journelle has a location right here in Chicago at 1725 N Damen Ave in Bucktown. This can be a great option if you prefer to shop in person vs. online.
This is a super affordable option.
There is a physical location in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, but I believe they sell most of their lingerie online.
I’ve had many clients wear this brand and it always photographs beautifully! This brand is also available at Nordstrom.
If you check out my Pinterest board, you’ll see a *lot* from Fleur Du Mal. Very feminine and romantic pieces.
For the gal who wants to go all in on luxury. Beautiful, sultry pieces that are one-of-a-kind.
Nordstrom – Nordstrom carries a variety of brands so this is always a good one stop shop. The Lingerie Department staff can find the perfect size and fit for you with just a quick glance. They are amazing.
If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment or email me directly at ashley@artistrieco.com. I hope all of this info helps you prepare for an amazing boudoir shoot!
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