About Artistrie

Composing Beautiful Adventures

When Artistrie began 8 years ago, my plan was simple: to create a wedding photography experience as distinctive as you are. By nature, weddings are filled with magic. Translating that magic into one-of-a-kind photographs is something I hope you’ve come to know me for.

Composing Beautiful Adventures begins with you. My client. My friend. And it lives on forever in the beautifully curated memories that will grace your home for years to come.

Meet the Artist: Ashley Biess

A black and white photo of my grandparents kissing in the backseat of the getaway car. That was the first wedding photo I ever saw. I can still the photo — the joy across their faces and being completely swept away in the moment. I remember turning pages of their wedding album, listening to my Grandma tell me a story. Their story.

To be a part of your wedding means so much more than the photos I take; it’s about the memories we make with them afterward. The prettiest print of a heartfelt moment. The wedding album that shares your story. I want to be the person who creates your first family heirlooms, crafted with love, and preserved for generations to come.

As for me…I’m happiest when I’m the on the road, spending time outdoors, and with a spicy margarita in hand. I’m lucky to call Chicago home. I love this beautiful, vibrant city. When I’m not photographing weddings, you can find me in a pilates class, catching a concert, or planning my next vacation. On the list for this year: Dublin, Scotland, Sedona, Maine, and Napa Valley.