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Lacuna Artist Loft Wedding


I was one of the many happy guests at this fabulous wedding and you perfectly captured the beauty and uniqueness of the day! Thank you for sharing.

Judy Howell

Amazing, perfect, breathtaking, unforgettable…just like the two of you! I am so humbled, grateful, and blessed to be your mother. I love, cherish, and adore both of you. Thank you for giving all of us such an awesome wedding experience. Laugh every day…love more every day…never take one moment of your life together for granted. God has blessed you unmeasurably. Keep Him 1st in your life and his love, mercy, and blessings will know no bounds. Your photos are beautiful…thank you for sharing! Your Dad I are so proud of you and for you. We love you unconditionally and forever!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Mom