Ibby & Evan’s Morton Arboretum Wedding

Jessica Venard

Beautiful! I love so many, but especially the dancing ones. What a fun wedding and classy couple 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for capturing our special day! How will we possibly choose what to keep up now!? 🙂


Nearly cried reading Your retelling of our perfect wedding day! The photos are just perfect! I can’t imagine even being able to narrow down to favorites! You have such an amazing talent, Ashley! Thank you so very much!

Becci B

These pics truly capture your love and happiness, they are stunning!! Love you guys xoxoxo

Kelle Schnabel

What a beautiful job you did capturing this wonderful day.


Absolutely beautiful photos. Perfectly captures the day.

Richard Patenaude

Love the photos guys! I had so much fun getting to be a part of your wedding. Hope to see both of you this Christmas!

Karel Lowery

Love the photos of the wedding! So happy to finally get to view them Evan and Ibby we’re obviously very happy on their wedding day and that was captured in the photos.


Absolutely beautiful wedding. So glad I could be a part of it. Beautiful pictures. Wish Ibby and Evan a lifetime of happiness.

Andrew Osborn

Absolutely fantastic photos for the wedding! I loved every second of it! I hope the wedding was fantastic for both of you!

Alicia morton

Love all of these pictures! Can’t wait to see everything! Wish we could do it all over again!

Emily stith

Your photos captures how truly special this day was. I love them!

Greg Osborn

These photos are awesome!


Until the next “Antonino” wedding. 🙂

Rebecca Stith

I agree with Jessica, the dancing pictures are awesome! Thanks so much for doing such a great job for Ibby & Evan!


And thanks Ibby for “humoring” me with Adam and “Sugar”.


Love all the photos! Captured the fun of the day!

Lauren Ming

Wonderful photos for a wonderful wedding! I’m glad to have been part of this beautiful day 🙂


You did a beautiful job with these!! Loved going through them.


Love the pictures!!

Caroline M

Gorgeous photos!

Lindsey Marks

Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to see more!

Bev Knautz

Absolutely beautiful pictures! You captured the true love story of Ibby & Evan.

Laura Bales

Beautiful pictures! They capture the day perfectly!

Emily L

The pictures look amazing!


Great pictures, even better socks.

Karen Campbell

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!!


Nice. Good pictures.

Claire Detlefs

So happy to see all this beauty! Lovely bridesmaids and their dresses. Karel, Evan has your wonderful smile. The setting was phenomenal.

Shelby Lem

Such a beautiful wedding! These pictures turned out amazing!

Thank you for sharing the photos from your special day. I loved the setting, the beautiful attire and most important the bride and groom. Spectacular!

Janie Johnson

The photos are just beautiful. They captured both the beauty and the emotions of the day.


It was such a gorgeous occasion and the pictures capture the happiness of the day so well. Thank you!

Carol Elliott

I love the way the photographer made use of the beautiful outdoor lighting of the Morton Arboretum and balanced the plant and human figures. The black and white dance photos create the atmosphere of a Prohibition era speakeasy. The umbrellas lend a whimsical quality and make me think Mary Poppins might be lurking in the background as a wedding guest! A beautiful day and evening, with us so honored to be included! I as also enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the wedding fashions!
Blessings and love to you, Evan and Ibby


These pictures are incredible!You can see the happiness and love radiating through.

An amazing wedding with amazing people! So happy to be a part of it! See you guys on the beach : )

Chris Crouse

Even more beautiful than I remembered!

Beth Eckles

How very beautiful! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding… Thank you for sharing some of your special moments, that promise a beautiful marriage!


These pictures are amazing!! This was such a fun day and captured beautifully.

Ronni Tansey

Beautiful pictures! They really capture all the love between Ibby and Evan! Amazing pictures of an awesome day!

Jen Kerr

Absolutely love the photos! Such a perfect day!!!!


Wow! the pictures are perfect! All taken in the right moment!


Gorgeous pictures! Love the one of your dad walking you down the aisle!

Judy Meehan

Beautiful pictures!

Aunt joan

Evan and Ibby, I am so very happy to see these gorgeous photos! You know how much I wanted to share this special day with you. These lovely picturesare a nice way to feel like I was with you. I look forward to seeing you soon!