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Chicago Union Station Engagement


Love the photos! Excited to make the trip out for the wedding in August. Have fun you crazy kids!

Jamie Barnett

Had the best time! Thank you, Ashley 🙂

Jessica Stow

You should consider hiring these two as wedding portrait models! 🙂 Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple! Love ’em, Jamie!!

Colleen Salvatori

Absolutely wonderful. Great shots capturing the essence of two great people. Love to you all!

Kathy Woods

Jamie – my sweet little bees knees, these pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!! 🙂 Miss you and your amazing energy, smile and genuine heart. Wishing you and Mike the best. Kathy

James E Peabody

Miley, yes I can still call him that, I’ve known him since he was 8! I’ll try to remember “Mike” at the wedding. We’ll be there. Your pictures portray a storybook romance. Jamie, you are a stunning beauty! What a wonderful concept the website is. Can’t wait. Mike, “cousin” Emily will beat her first semester at UAB, so just Paula and myself. Can’t wait to meet Jamie, see your Dad and of course, Grandma Mabel.


How did you get all the union station shots with no people? What time did you go?

Honestly, these were taken during a very busy part of the day – week day rush hour. I just had to be extra creative with angles and timing. 🙂


Your engagement photos are gorgeous!! Love them and you both!


Special day for two special people.